1- What is the composition of the garment?

In each product page, it is possible to consult a brief description showing the composition of the garment.


2- Do we ship worldwide?

Yes HOUSE OF CULTURES does ship worldwide.


3- How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders placed within Qatar can take 1- 2  days. For orders overseas please allow up to two weeks.


4- Do we offer express shipping?

Express delivery options are available at time of purchase.


5- How is the clothing printed?

HOUSE OF CULTURES uses the finest quality digital printing methods to achieve a deep, vibrant and crisp reproduction of the artwork.


6- How do I care for my product?

Please always follow the care label guide lines when washing your item.
We recommend that you wash your item inside out, by hand, at 30˚C. If your washing machine has a hand-wash program setting, you can use this.

Never use bleach and never tumble dry as this will cause irreparable damage.

You should wash the tee with similar colours, and line dry.

When ironing , please iron inside out with a low temperature.